General rental information

Car rental price includes:

  • Unlimited mileage starting from 2 days rental. 1 day rental limit is 300 km
  • Full Insurance with CDW (the excess amount is specified for each vehicle in cars’ details)
  • Delivery/Pick-up to/from the same location
  • 24/7 road assistance (breakdown service, towing of the rented vehicle and/or transportation of the passengers to the nearest EcoRental Station)
  • Theft protection (liability limited to the amount of CDW, if no extra insurance is purchased)
  • Car replacement in case of breakdown
  • VAT 24%

What do I need to rent a car?

  • International driving licence (including any additional papers, e.g. UK driver’s licence) issued at least 1 year prior to the rental period (or with additional marks proving driving experience)
  • Passport/ID (Name must be written in latin letters)
  • Credit card on a driver’s name (please read The Conditions of Payment below for clarification or contact our office)

       What if the driver does not have a credit card?

He/She will be offered to buy an extra insurance. The price depends on the excess amount, car category and the number of days. 

Age restrictions depend on car category as follows


21-23 y.o.

23 - 25



Surcharge 15€ daily





Surcharge 15€ daily


Passenger VAN


Surcharge 25€ daily


Professional VAN









Conditions of payment


  • You can pay for your rental  both by cash or credit/debit card
  • A Credit Card at driver's name is always required and the deposit is held on the credit card until the car is returned. If the driver does not possess a credit card, extra insurance must be purchused and a minimal cash deposit might be applied until the returning of the car.
  • All major credit cards are accepted (Visa, Maestro, Mastercard)
  • We do not accept any debit or prepaid card for insurance deposit (only for payment)
  • Renter must hold his car rental voucher or reservation number and provide it at the pick-up time
  • All extra items and insurance options are paid at the rental desk
  • Rates are calculated on the basis of collection/return to the same rental location. Rental days are calculated on a 24-Hour basis from the vehicle pick up. Returning the car later than is indicated in a rental agreement will be charged as follows:

♦ 30 – 59 min delay – 25% of a 1 day rental price of the corresponding car group as it is indicated in a price list for the current period.
♦ 1 – 2 hours delay – 50% of a 1 day rental price of the corresponding car group as it is indicated in a price list for the current period.
♦ In case of more than 2 hours delay, the renter will be charged an extra day.

  • In order to avoid the delay charges mentioned above, the client have to inform us about possible time extension and receive a written consent from a company (via SMS, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, email)

B. Change of car return date, time and place is forbidden without prior consent of our company.

C. The fuel amount upon returning of the car should be no less than when receiving.
D. All fines and penalties received during the rental period must be paid by a renter.

Insurance Terms

A. It is prohibited to transport EcoRental vehicle outside of Greece. Additional insurance and green card must be obtained in such case.

B. The car is not insured against damages caused by carriage on a ferry boat (bumps, scratches and other damages caused by the event of storm, loading and unloading the vehicle on a boat). Additional insurance must be obtained in such case.

C. In case of an accident, insurance is valid only if the following conditions are met:

  1. The driver is not under influence of alcohol, drugs or any kind of narcotics
  2. The vehicle is operated by the driver, whose personal details are clearly indicated in the rental agreement
  3. The vehicle is operated on a normal road for cars (not off-road, beach or pavement)
  4. The accident is not caused by a careless behavior of a driver (inconvenient/illegal parking, racing and other traffic violations)
  5. A traffic police report is mandatory for any accident
  6. In case of a theft, the renter must present a car key

The responsibility of a renter in case of damage or theft is limited to the amount of an excess, clearly stated in the rental contract, provided that all the conditions specified in paragraph C(1-6) are met.

D. Insurance does NOT cover:

  1. Any damages to additional items hired by a renter (GPS, Baby seats)
  2. Interior damages, as well as severe contamination of the interior of a car, requiring dry/bio cleaning (stains from salt, oil or other liquids, big amount of sand, cigarette burns etc.). In such cases relative charges will be applied
  3. Damages to undercarriage parts, wheels and tires
  4. Cases of loss, damage, theft of car keys or returning the car without it’s licence plate
  5. Damages to mirrors and glasses


Please NOTE: The mentioned car types are indicative only and there is a possibility to be provided a car with the same (or higher) standards.

For any question, please don't hesitate contacting us:

mobile: +30698 444 33 00 (+Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram)

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